Why Patrick For Personal Training?

Personal Training In Linwood, NJ

My Humble Beginnings in Linwood, NJ

For the past five years I’ve been training hundreds of clients how to lose weight and keep the weight off. It’s sent me on this beautiful quest to help people achieve their dreams.

It started off as me simply wanting to add some muscle mass so I could transition from high school baseball to playing in the big leagues — college.

People started noticing the results I was getting for myself and they wanted to know what I was eating, how many times a week I work out, etc. It was around this time that I realized that people don’t achieve their goals unless they address the underlying issues or habits that have kept them from losing weight in the first place.

I helped a few people lose a few pounds, and for some reason, it just gave me the greatest joy.

So at that moment, I decided to become a personal trainer and nutritional consultant.

And for the past four years I’ve helped clients lose weight, gain lean muscle and restore mobility.

Take Argelia for example. She originally needed help with losing weight. Within FIVE (5) months, she was down 40lbs. Here’s what she had to say:

Personal Training

Your training has truly changed my life. Sitting at home at 213 lbs thinking that I can never in my wildest dreams, go back to being the girl that my boyfriend started dating at 140lbs. Now you have encouraged me to know that anything is possible. Thanks to your commitment and words of encouragement I’m now a healthier person. Not only would I recommend you to my family and friends but also anyone that is having a tough time just getting started. Through your strength training and cardio I have never felt stronger and leaner. Thank you for giving me my life back.

Or, David. He wanted to lose some belly fat and gain some lean muscle. 40lbs later:

I highly recommend Patrick Mullin for personal fitness coaching, weight and strength training. He is knowledgeable, customizes each session to customer’s personal goals and is responsive to feedback. In addition, he goes far above and beyond for his customers. For example during a couple of sessions at the gym, I had a cramp in my calf. Between sessions he researched the likely causes and identified exercises and stretches that could be beneficial. By the next session he adjusted the training. In addition, he provides the perfect blend of accountability, motivation and encouragement.

Personal Training

But I don’t want to just stop there. I know there’s more I can do...

My Not-So-Modest Vision

Simply put: I am looking to help as many people as possible.

Which is why I’ve taken up becoming an online personal trainer. I’m able to spread the word on the best possible nutrition and fitness program around to help others achieve their ideal body weight.

Yet one thing will remain completely the same as if I were helping you in person — your program is all about YOU! Which means you’ll get a custom-tailored nutrition plan and exercise regimen based on your goals and your personal lifestyle.

Just like Sally, who didn’t WANT to only lose weight, she also wanted to get her health in check as she aged. She didn’t want to be labeled "morbidly obese", so I constructed a plan that would get her up and moving:

In-person training

Patrick is the GREATEST human being and trainer I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Patrick has assisted me in losing 57 pounds to date! I struggled for many years and with Patrick's knowledge and ability to help I have been reaching my goals. I still have more to lose and Patrick is my man! Both of my adult sons also go to Patrick for training and building muscle and one to lose weight and build muscle, it has completely changed their lives. Patrick is extremely knowledgeable in nutrition and exercise, he DEFINITELY IS THE FULL PACKAGE! I recommend Patrick with every fiber of my being. You will never meet such a fine, upstanding, kind, considerate young man, his parents sure did a Wonderful job!

A few months into her weight loss journey, Sally was featured in the local newspaper for her accomplishments!

 Read about the article here...

About My Credentials

Are you tired of your everyday stress and need a release?

I know exactly how to bridge the gap between your prior injuries and/or chronic pain by focusing on training you with functional strength and mobility drills.

By working with me you’ll have the tools, technologies and techniques necessary to achieve your goal. How?

First, let’s start off with my credentials.

I’m a National Strength and Condition Association (NSCA-CPT) Certified Personal Trainer and a Precision Nutrition certified nutrition coach. And for the past four years, I’ve gained experience in nutritional guidance, sport-specific consulting, strength training, weight loss and even muscle gain.

In the case of emergencies, I’ve also thought ahead. I’m CPR and first-aid/aed certified as well as fully insured. So if we’re training 1-on-1, you can bet your life on me.

(But let’s hope that never happens.)

Also, I am highly experienced in a variety of weight loss tools, including:

  • TRX,
  • Kettlebells,
  • Speed and agility,
  • Strength and conditioning for young athletes,
  • And much, much more!

But having the tools at your ready is just the beginning.

When you’re looking to hire a personal trainer, most of my clients have told me that they need accountability more than anything else.

Luckily, you’ll be a short message away from me at all times AND I’ll make sure to set up an accountability schedule that makes the most sense for your needs.

And much, much more!

What I Offer

1. One-on-One Personal Training

As a trusted, insured, certified and highly professional personal trainer, I go out of my way to meet you at your most convenient location — whether that’s at the local gym, your house or somewhere in between. Now that my online nutrition and fitness program is live, I charge a premium for training in person. But that premium is well worth it because I’m able to walk my clients through the range of motions they should be feeling when they’re working out as well as giving them highly specific advice for reaching their goals in the fastest times.
In-person training

2. Online Personal Training

Online Personal Trainer

Wait, what!? How can anyone “train” someone online?

It’s simple really. I’m able to give you the nutrition plan and exercise regimen that meets your needs as if I were right there in person. You’ll be walked step-by-step on how to do every exercise that I recommend. If you’re having difficulty performing an exercise then all you have to do is record, upload and send me a video showcasing your exercise. Then I’ll send back a detailed response on the proper mechanics to keep you focused on your goals.

3. Semi-private / Group Exercise

As I mentioned at the start, my humble beginnings are here in Linwood, NJ.

So from time to time you’ll find me facilitating a group exercise program in the area. I offer these sessions in groups of 4, so tag a friend or coworker you know that wants to get in kick ass shape too! With these sessions, expect your health and cardio endurance to increase dramatically.

personal training

My Promise and Style

Your focus should be on the end results, not the in-betweens.

So along your fitness AND nutrition journey, I’ll be keeping tracking of your BMI readings, your weight, circumference measurements and your bodyfat percentage.

By following a strictly analytical protocol, I’m able to better help you realize your goals. Which means the pounds keep coming off and all you have to do is show up!

Whether you want to look good in your swimsuit this summer or simply lose that extra flab around your waistline, you can rely on me to deliver.

Using my fat-blasting program, my clients have been able to lose tons of body fat – in places they never would have imagined! As a result, they are healthier, more fit and, not surprisingly, more confident.

But those results don’t just come naturally. They come through YOUR hard work and MY tough love.

I’ll be brutally honest with you. I don’t sugar coat anything. Sugar never did anyone good anyways.